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Although we believe flowers to be important, we understand that there are other crucial elements that make up your wedding day. We want your wedding to be as stress free as possible. In order to make that happen we put together a little guide to help walk through some important floral details. Feel free to share this guide with your wedding planner, mom, maid of honor, or whomever you think will benefit!

How to Hold the Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet is one of the most important details that will be seen during your wedding day. You will hold it as you walk down the aisle, carry it throughout all of your family and wedding party photos, and the bouquet will be displayed throughout the reception. Because you’ve invested in your wedding flowers, we want to ensure that they are displayed in the most flattering way possible so you can enjoy the bouquet in person during your event and in your photos throughout your marriage.

Although I design the bouquet to look great from all sides, your bridal bouquet will have clear front, back, and two sides. Instead of a perfectly round bouquet that is even on all sides; your bridal bouquet will be elongated, stretching from your right to left arm. This type of shape allows the bouquet to be designed in a way to have a clear front and back.

How can you tell if you are holding the bouquet on the correct side? There are several things to look out for that can help. The front of your bouquet will have all the beautiful blooms we’ve discussed throughout our relationship, while the back will be mostly greenery with a few smaller blooms. If you hold the bouquet and it seems to stretch away from your body, you are holding the flowers on its side. Make sure when you hold the bouquet, the length of the bouquet stretches from arm to arm. We also tie the ribbon in the front, allowing it to hang over your hand. The back of the bouquet will have the ribbon going tight across the stems. If you chose to have a traditional ribbon tie off (instead of it hanging down long), there will be three pins in the back of the bouquet.

Myself, or one of my assistants, will also present the bouquet to you and show you the front. Even though holding the bouquet correctly is important, don’t let it take away from the importance of the special day or cause stress. Your bridal bouquet will fit to face the front naturally in your hand.

How to Put on the Boutonnieres

We are one of the few floral design companies that design all of our boutonnieres with magnets. That is because pins are a pain to floral designers as well as to the people who wear them. Although our boutonnieres are always met with enthusiasm, there are a few things to keep in mind in case of a small boutonnière emergency.

We create our boutonnieres to have a magnet at the top and bottom of the design. This allows the bout to stay upright throughout the day. Sometimes during the excitement and joy during an event a magnet can be knocked loose. If you can’t find the silver magnet, always make sure the top magnet is either replaced or remains. One magnet at the top will ensure that it doesn’t tip over from side to side.

How to Protect Your Ribbon

We consider ribbon to be the final ingredient to go on the bouquets. Since we consider them to be a special ingredient, we have a few tips to help keep them in great condition. When wet, ribbon gets wrinkly. We recommend to always have the water in your complimentary vase to be only two inches high or just enough water to reach the bottom of the stems. Flower stems don’t need to be completely submerged in water to drink, the bottom will do just fine 🙂

Your Rental Guide

All of your centerpiece vessels, candles, and arches are rented (unless otherwise stated in your proposal). You are required to verify and sign our rental contract which will be sent over to you soon, if it hasn’t already. Sometimes accidents happen. Someone bumps into a table, hurries during clean up, or simply takes a centerpiece home without asking. We understand that accidents happen, but thought we could help minimize the damage with a few tips.

—Clear, Glass Hurricane and Taper Candle Base

Our glass hurricanes are hugely popular among our brides and are used at almost every wedding. Our hurricanes are open at both ends which allows for less wax clean up. This type of style is a luxury design and therefore is incredibly expensive ($30.00 for just one!). We’ve spent years building up our inventory to be able to rent them out at a lower price. Because of their value and fragility, we ask all of our couples to ensure that no one (and we really mean no one) handles our hurricane glasses. To go along with our hurricanes are our handmade taper candle bases. We had these bases custom made, specifically to fit most of our client’s style. Because they are hand made by our pottery maker, you may notice slight variations in size from base to base. Since we spent a lot of time working alongside our potterer to create our ideal base, these are also expensive. Again, we ask that all clean up, removal, and moving of table decor is handled only by a Roots Floral Design team member.

—Centerpiece Vessel and Mechanics

Over the years we have built up our centerpiece vessel inventory to be able to provide our couples with a variety of different styles. Some are custom and handmade from our pottery maker and others are bought in bulk through several wholesale decor companies. Because of the customized design and/or bulk pricing, damaged or taken centerpiece vessels at full price are pricey.

There is much waste that happens in the wedding industry and here at Roots Floral Design we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of floral foam that takes years to decompose and can never be reused, we use chicken wire and floral frogs. Both the wire and the frogs can be reused for years. Floral frogs are heavy duty pins that help anchor the flowers in a centerpiece. Floral frogs range from $35-$60 at full price depending on the material and size.

To ensure that no centerpieces are accidentally taken home by a guest, we ask that clean up be only done by a Roots Floral Design team member. Communication among family members and your wedding planner is also helpful in ensuring that no one accidentally walks off with a centerpiece. We also ask to be given an accurate ending time for the reception so we can arrive early to ensure no one walks off with the flowers. We also suggest to our couples that if they want to take the flowers home with them, that they bring their own vases or buckets so that we can transfer the flowers to them.

-Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid Vases

Here at Roots Floral Design we strongly believe in being eco-friendly and reusing arrangements so they last the majority of the wedding day. We suggest to all of our couples to reuse their wedding party bouquets during the reception. Whether it is on the head table, bar tops, sign in table, etc. To make this transition from ceremony to reception easier and more cost efficient, each bouquet comes with a complimentary clear glass vase. These vases are free to the couple and their wedding party. If you choose to not take home your vases, leave them on the tables and a Roots Floral Design team member will pack them up to be used at a future event.


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Florals and greenery can make your special day stand out in a unique way that you’ll remember for years to come. Whether you already have floral ideas in mind for your wedding or you are hoping to achieve a specific look and feel, reach out to Roots Floral Design for elegant bouquets, ceremony backdrops and more for a truly romantic wedding!

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"Highly recommend Roots Floral Design - absolutely beautiful! I can’t say enough good things about Kaytee and her team. The flowers for our wedding far exceeded our expectations. They were stunning and our guests raved about how beautiful the bouquets and decor were! Kaytee understood our vision and created a beautiful setting for the wedding. Last but not least, Kaytee worked well within our budget and made good recommendations. Thanks Kaytee and team!"

-Megan, Mother of the Bride, Spring 2019 Wedding

Highly recommend Roots Floral Design - absolutely beautiful!

“Kaytee is an absolute GEM! She has so much passion and care for what she does, that you feel like she's a friend more than a vendor. She walks you through each step of the floral process with organization, examples, cost, and detail -- all things that make my detail-oriented heart happy. The end result far exceeded anything we could have hoped for or imagined. ALL. THE. GREENERY. Future brides, run, don't walk to Roots for your wedding. From start to finish, she took care of every single floral need to make our day positively beautiful.”

-Laura, Summer 2019 Wedding


"Kaytee became so much more than a vendor for us. The first time I met her I felt as though I met a long lost friend. She was the very first vendor I chose for the wedding (even before the venue) and she lived up to all my expectations and went above and beyond.  Each time I met with her I felt confident that she completely comprehended my wants and would fashion them into something that looks put together, yet natural. The day-of she silently transformed a bland rustic space into an enchanting, romantic barn. I couldn't have asked for anything more beautiful or unique."

-Grace, Spring 2019 Wedding


"Kaytee was so great to work with!!! I provided her with some floral inspirations from Pinterest and Instagram but gave her a lot of free rein coming up with the flowers for our wedding and she went above and beyond expectations. Our photographer was obsessed with all the bouquets and we got so many great pictures of them! She did such a good job making my smaller budget work to make high impact arrangements. She's also the sweetest person to be around!"

-Bo, Spring 2019 Wedding