Having a Wedding Timeline – and Why It’s Important

Having a Wedding Timeline – and Why It’s Important

Having a wedding timeline is crucial to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day! Before diving in the details, we highly recommend hiring a wedding planner to assist and draft your own personal timeline. If you choose to opt out on having a planner, myself along with Katelyn V Photography have written our perspectives. Together, we’ve laid out a general wedding timeline for you to view.

To begin, Katelyn shares, “When all of the wedding vendors work together and are on the same page walking into the wedding day, that’s when the real magic happens. Two of the vendors that are incredibly important to include in the timeline process are the Florist and the Photographer. Why the Florist? When looking back at the photos from the wedding, what’s one of the things that you will find in nearly every photo? If you said the flowers, you would be correct. Having the Photographer and the Florist coordinate their schedules ahead of time will help to ensure that all of the flowers you’re investing in are properly photographed and included in the photos and moments you want them in.”

Getting Ready + Your First Look

The “Getting Ready” portion of the day is not all about matching robes and mimosas. Often times, this is the slowest part of the day for your photographer. To utilize this time best, your photographer will take pictures of all of your details. Your invitation suite, jewelry, dress, etc. Anything that is special and unique to your day! Flowers help style these precious memories by beautifying and adding composition. It is important that your florist and photographer’s timeline matches up to ensure flowers are available at the beginning of the day. Whenever I drop off flowers for styling, I also leave the wedding party flowers there as well. Each wedding timeline differs, but I want to ensure whenever the photographer is ready; she has the wedding party flowers available to her!

Katelyn agrees and adds, “Working with your Florist to make sure that the floral elements are delivered in accordance with the times for formal portraits will ensure that the Bride and bridesmaids are able to hold the bouquets in your group photos, or for photos of the Groom’s parents pinning on his boutonniere, or for mom to be wearing her corsage while she’s helping the Bride put on her dress. Without the discussion of when to deliver what flowers and which photos they will be needed for, it can lead to a situation where the timeline becomes delayed while waiting for the flowers, or having photos without the flowers in them.”

Details: Your Ceremony and Reception

If your florist hasn’t connected with your photographer beforehand, during the morning drop off is great time to connect. Hiring a wedding team who prioritizes strong vendor relationships is crucial in your wedding day running smoothly. We love photographers who are mindful of us florists, and Katelyn is a great example of this.

She explains, “When I am coordinating with the Florist, I also like to ask which floral arrangements or installations are most important—I want to make sure that I know ahead of time which pieces the Bride and Groom, and the Florist are most excited about and will want photos of so that I can take that into consideration for timing and provide the best images possible.”

Katelyn ends by saying, “Since the timeline is the foundation for the wedding day, when these extra steps are taken to ensure that each of the vendors are all working from the same timeline, your day will come together the way you’ve always envisioned!”

We couldn’t agree more!

Katelyn V Photography is a Lexington, Kentucky wedding photographer, and is highly invested in making sure your wedding day is everything you could want it to be! If you’re searching for authentic and timeless wedding photos in Kentucky and beyond, be sure to reach out to Katelyn!


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"Highly recommend Roots Floral Design - absolutely beautiful! I can’t say enough good things about Kaytee and her team. The flowers for our wedding far exceeded our expectations. They were stunning and our guests raved about how beautiful the bouquets and decor were! Kaytee understood our vision and created a beautiful setting for the wedding. Last but not least, Kaytee worked well within our budget and made good recommendations. Thanks Kaytee and team!"

-Megan, Mother of the Bride, Spring 2019 Wedding

Highly recommend Roots Floral Design - absolutely beautiful!

“Kaytee is an absolute GEM! She has so much passion and care for what she does, that you feel like she's a friend more than a vendor. She walks you through each step of the floral process with organization, examples, cost, and detail -- all things that make my detail-oriented heart happy. The end result far exceeded anything we could have hoped for or imagined. ALL. THE. GREENERY. Future brides, run, don't walk to Roots for your wedding. From start to finish, she took care of every single floral need to make our day positively beautiful.”

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-Grace, Spring 2019 Wedding


"Kaytee was so great to work with!!! I provided her with some floral inspirations from Pinterest and Instagram but gave her a lot of free rein coming up with the flowers for our wedding and she went above and beyond expectations. Our photographer was obsessed with all the bouquets and we got so many great pictures of them! She did such a good job making my smaller budget work to make high impact arrangements. She's also the sweetest person to be around!"

-Bo, Spring 2019 Wedding